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Boredom Boxes for Young Children

With all the snow in our area, my poor kids have been stuck inside. Having said that, they’ve taken it pretty well, all things considered. But as bundling up takes a lot of time and energy, and we’re from the South, we’ve spent considerably more time indoors than out lately.
This is when cabin fever sets in, and we find ourselves craving summer weather.
Since summer is still months out, aside from going to Chic Fil A and taking up space in the play area (which we do often, since it’s free), we’ve had to come up with some creative ways to find fun inside.

These boredom boxes are one of many ideas we’ll be trying.

I first saw them on Pinterest on the Lean Green Bean’s page.

What caught my eye was the Cat Boy figure in the little metal lunch box, as my kids love all things PJ Mask.

The gist of these boredom boxes are to provide play, indoors or out, though for this season, it’s in.

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The ones pictured have figurines, that can be customized to your child’s preferences. As I mentioned my kids are happy with PJ mask, so we can use those in ours. We also have pokemon figures, or could use pokemon cards for my older ones. My kids also love Slugterra, a Canadian cartoon, and so we’ve got several of the slugs lying around the house. For girls, perhaps the miniature barbies, or Littlest Pet Shop.

Then there are crayons (and you have to include paper, obviously- or a small activities book).

They have the alphabet magnets which work great on the magnetic lunch box.

Play doh. Stamps (again, good thing to use with paper).

And the picture on Pinterest, courtesy of the Lean Green Bean, has cars and dinosaurs. Childhood staples, for sure.

You can build on this, easily, by including stickers, pencils, pens, or markers. My oldest is in love with Pusheen, so for her, I’d include that. And if you haven’t seen, Pusheen is an adorable fat gray cat. Very cute.

And you don’t have to stick to metallic lunch boxes, although it’s convenient. I know when I was younger, we had stationary kids that were metallic, courtesy of Lisa Frank, so if you have something similiar, either from GoodWill, or a yard sale, feel free to improvise.

You could always use a shoebox, too, although you’d have to swap out the magnets.

But I thought this list was a great start, so by all means take the idea and make it your own to meet your children’s strengths and interests. 🙂

Any other boredom buster ideas for when it’s too rainy or cold out?

Post them below!

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