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Book Review: Letters Never Meant to Be Read

I believe everyone should do personal development. Be it reading. Audio books. Podcasts. Videos. Or devotionals.

And hey, the Bible never gets old.

So for some time now I’ve been reading a TON of books, bits and pieces, pages and chapters, here and there.

In fact, I’m currently “in the middle” of about half a dozen or so, most of which are written by close friends and/or fellow Woodstock City Church goers.

Part of why I’m doing it is to learn. Grow. As a person, an entrepreneur, and as a mom and Christian (the latter two being my most important jobs, hands down). I strongly, STRONGLY believe that everyone has it within them to be better and DO better than what they are currently.

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No exceptions.

Going with the no exceptions part, that includes me.

So, one of those books was written by a friend and fellow entrepreneur (as well as edited and curated by him- although there are a few other authors in this particular anthology). And what follows is strictly my opinion. Personally, I’d recommend reading the book yourself and making your own judgments and opinions, but for what it’s worth, here are mine.

Letters Never Meant To Be Read

By Marc Crepeaux, et. al.

There are more or less 5 authors that contributed to this work and the 5 have very little in common in terms of writing style aside from their all good. What I mean to say is, you can tell from story to story that it’s not the same person writing these letters.

It’s good.

Having said that, the book is well written. Well put together. Each author contributes in some way and it ends up being an addictive read, kind of like finding someone’s diary.

A LOT of emotion in this book.

Intense emotion. Intense topics.

Anger. Loneliness. Defeat. Sadness.

A lot of it is easily figurative, but some of it, it’s debatable.

Let me be clear. The names are changed, the stories are fiction, but some of the letters could easily have been written or sent to people you and I both know.

The kind of people who serve our drinks at Starbucks. The kind of people we hung out with in college. The kind of people we grew up with, two doors down. Or our family.

And that’s what makes this book likable. That’s what draws you in.

It’s drama. It’s gossip. It’s lies and truths mixed into one collection.  It’s one person’s perspective on something that happened to them, and another person’s perspective on how it SHOULD have gone down. It’s seeing several different stories from variable perspectives. The victim. The third party. You name it.

If you like watching bad reality tv, and even if you don’t, if you think you’re “above” that kind of nonsense, pick up this book.

Letters Never Meant To Be Read

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As Marc says about future submissions, “I dare you.”


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