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Blogging For Beginners: Why Start a Blog for Money

Right now, I’m tired.  It’s nearing midnight. And as with most nights recently, I’m still up. But my why, my reason for blogging, has me up.

My why, my motivation to keep going no matter how long the nights or how much the work and how slow the progress, has always been my kids. The thought of being self sufficient and being able to provide for them without outside aide is what drives me. The thought of being able to afford extracurriculars, swim lessons, and summer camps. To buy organic lunches for school, or even afford to home school and buy our own curriculum. And the ability to work and stay home with my six tiny blessings no matter what the day brings is my why. So what is your your why? What drives you?

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Why I Blog for Money

I started this blog as a way to become self sufficient. To bring in a full time income on a part time schedule. Because after working between two and four jobs for several years, I was burnt out and at my end.

Honestly, raising six kids is a blessed undertaking, but it’s also a full time job. And as my kids are my top priority and they’re only young for a short time, I wanted to be home with them to see every milestone. Every new experience, first step, and to help with homework and guidance. Leading them towards the amazing people I know they’re becoming every day.

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Parenting requires keeping home, schooling young ones, cooking, and running errands. Running baths, and refereeing disagreements.

It’s all part of a days work. And I’m blessed beyond measure that God chose me to be my children’s mother. Why Start a Blog for Money? Because a blog for profit business from home is better than any job outside the home. Work from home and earn extra cash as a blogger. You can count your blessings when you're working a stay at home mom job earning an income.

When I consider my motivation for starting a blog, it’s my kids. They are my why. My reason for blogging. But keeping long hours as a mom, and blogging after bedtime, is tough. It requires sacrifice, and tonight is no different.

Tonight, as tired as I am, I wonder will my desire to run this business, this blog, will it win out tonight? Or will I succumb to sleep?

Your Choices Today Impact Your Future- Make Some Good Ones

After my real job as a mom “ends” or more accurately, becomes a little less hectic after lights out every night, I’ve got a choice. Or choices, I should say.

Do I work, or work out? Sleep, or prepare for the next day? An ounce of preparation now may mean the difference between calm tomorrow or chaos.

Should I shower, or put away another load of laundry? Pray, or write? Decisions, decisions. Priorities and balance.

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The to do list goes on and on. And it never gets any shorter.

And while some nights I get a lot in, other nights, I’m just like any other mom. I opt to end story time by cuddling up with my young ones. Or I close the bedroom doors after the bedtime routines and go binge watch Avengers- my all time favorite movie series.

There are good days, and there are tough days. Days where I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Then there are days where I feel like I dropped teh ball and I’m failing.

It’s simply the season I’m in.

So my why. My reason for blogging. It’s there fighting. Fighting my fatigue and my excuses. Because my hope is greater than my fear.

For some simple tips on how to start a blog today, you can read more here.

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Take Action Now If You Want to Start a Blog

My single greatest regret when it comes to blogging? It’s that I didn’t start one years ago. That is my single greatest regret. And part of my reason for not doing so earlier was fear. Fear of failure, and a lack of knowledge of how to begin.

Right now I’m still nursing my youngest, and we just had a short bout of sickness run its course in our home. My kids are young enough that several still play musical beds every night. And between bathroom lights being left on, and little ones wandering and waking, I’m not getting a solid 8 hours regardless. But even on that kind of schedule, I can blog in bits and pieces. Run a business from home, and do certain blog related tasks like networking from my phone.

So if you ask me why it is that my greatest regret in terms of blogging that I didn’t start one a decade ago? Because a blog takes work, just like anything else worthwhile. It takes work. Dedication. And it takes time. And if I had started one when things were simpler, I’d be that much farther along.

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The best advice I can give someone wanting to start their own blog is this: Start a Blog now. And for a step by step quick start guide, you can check out one here. Because a year from now, no matter how much or how little you do on your blog, will be that much less work you’ll have to invest later.

A blog is an investment. So start investing in one now. Because blogging is the way of the future (in my opinion).

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If You Want to Start a Blog for Money Do This

I have a choice. As do you. You can spend the next 40 years working your tail off at a 9-5 job. Working for someone else. Sacrificing time with your family, spending it behind a desk working for someone who may or may not be good to you. A boss that may or may not reward your loyalty and hard work when budgets need cutting. Or.

You could start a blog in your free time. Start one now, part time, like I’m doing. And keep investing. Invest in the evenings instead of watching Netflix. Invest time on the weekends instead of staying up late scrolling through Facebook. Start investing. Because a blog is an investment in your future.

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I just described to you what a rough season I’m in. Being blessed to raise six kids through sickness and health, be there for them every day, making my own hours, working in the evenings and around nap times. And it’s tough. But it’s worth it. Because I realize what kind of investment I’m making. In this blog, in this business, and in my family. And it’s a choice. The same choice you have. And I’m choosing yes.

I’m choosing to invest in my hope and my dreams. To invest in our future. Because little by little, I’m gaining ground. Income ever increasing. And I’m doing it on my terms, running my own business, my own blog, but my family, my real priority? They’re coming first.

I’m fueled by my why. My reason for blogging. It’s up to me whether I take this opportunity and I run with it.


Blogging for Beginners

If you decide to start a blog for money, I created this step by step guide to get you started. And I wrote a post on how, after getting your blog up and running, you can start writing some really solid posts with this checklist. It’s everything I wish I’d known about individual blog posts before I’d written 4 dozen that didn’t get more than that many visitors.

For me, I got started with an amazing web host company called Siteground and I hit the ground running, monetizing my blog from Day 1. You get what you pay for. You get what you invest in. And if you get a free blog, that’s not an investment. You’ll be working for free. Don’t do that.

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Start a blog the right way, with a paid web hosting and domain so that you own rights to your blog. Your blog, your money.

Then comes the daily and nightly decision. Do I put in the work required to run a successful business after hours, after the rest of my family is in bed, or do I try and catch up on sleep? Because paying for a web hosting company, picking the perfect domain name, and then dreaming isn’t going to make the future you’re envisioning a reality. You’re going to have to put in the work. Blog. Write. Set a schedule.


The Importance of Setting Aside Time to Write

Working from home can be a bit of a juggling act because there’s no boss telling you what time to start and when to end. That part falls to you, as an entrepreneur. And it’s great in that if you need to make the choice to sleep in or stay up late to get in the work, you can. But you do have to make time.

Set up a schedule. Create an editorial calender. And set aside time every day to work on your blog.

Create a vision board that high lights your why, your reason for doing this, be it to get out of debt, put your kids in private school, pay off your car or home early, or put aside a little extra money each month for savings. But do remember why you started. Make it visual, pictures of your kids, your dream home, a bit “Get Out Of Debt” free sign or a simple one word sentence on paper like, “Freedom”. But you’ll need this reminder for when times get tough.

Also, get a planner. I heart planners, by the way. And this one by Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess is a dream.

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It’s not just a blogger’s planner, it’s an everything for everyone planner.

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Use your planner to make time for your job- your blog. Like any other business, if you’re the boss, you’ve got to put in the work. So block off time to do just that. And with this planner, you can get stickers, colored pens, and anything else you need to make this dream of yours a reality. Pen your goals, pen your schedule. Put it all in one place so you can keep your goals and your work front and center.

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Importance of Self Care as an Entrepreneur

Having stated how important it is to block off time for work, I need to follow it up with this. The choice I make some nights is one of self care. Sleep.

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As a type A work a holic perfectionist, I can get an incredible lot done in a short amount of time. But I do sometimes struggle to make myself a priority. And when my own self care falls by the way side, I crash. And then I’m no good to anyone. Take a page from my book and know that self care is not selfish. It’s vital.

Only when my cup has something in it, can I give any to others. So some nights, I sleep. If your body says rest, then listen. Learn balance.

There are nights I try and get caught up on self care. But then there are nights, like tonight, I stay up well past the time my circadian clock tells me we’re done and type out a few paragraphs, follow up with several friends, or write Thank You cards and squeeze in a work out.

It’s all about striking a balance. Finding what works for you.

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I’ve heard incredible things from people who start their day at 3 or 4am. Kudos to you. You’re the people that books like The Miracle Morning were made for. But some of us are night owls who will stay up long into the evening, sipping tea and burning the midnight oil. If that’s you, and it works, then do that.

Do what works for you. There is no one size fits all.

Advice for If You Decide to Work From Home with Kids

I’ve just given you a whole dose of what it’s like in the day of a work from home mom. I wouldn’t trade it, but it’s not for everyone. For starters, you need to be motivated. A self starter. Organization is key, and balance is a must. But I truly do believe it is worth it. Starting a blog.

I get to work from home while raising my family. I don’t have to leave my kids with strangers or pay someone else to be there when I can’t be. That’s not a shot at parents that work outside the home- again, I did it for years. Because I had to.

But I wish someone had told me what I’m sharing with you. That there is a better way. And I believe that better way is to start a blog.

It requires sacrifice and balance, but my choices today will impact my future. And my kids’ futures.

And my why, my children, are what drive me.

Not everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur. But then not everyone wants to juggle family with several part time or full time jobs in addition to recreation and free time, either. The choice is yours. Just as it’s mine. Because remember, I’ve been where you are.

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If You Desire to Work From Home, Then Start a Blog

For years, I was working multiple jobs, regularly 2, but as many as 4 at a time. As a single mom, I was doing anything and everything to make ends meet. I was exhausted and out of hope. I saw no way out. Until I found blogging.

Alternating days and hours and running myself til I crashed? Running from one job to another, leaving the house in the dark and returning after dark? I’ve been there. And I don’t desire that for anyone. It’s not worth it.

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I know what it’s like to have my kids be in an excellent school district, and to also have them in one that reminds me that one day I hope to be able to home school. But beggars can’t be choosers, so we couldn’t choose. Not then.

I know what it’s like to have a supervisor that supports you, but then I’ve also had those that expect too much and don’t have your back.

I know what it’s like to spend hours a day commuting. Spending hours upon hours wasted, in a car, back and forth.

I know what it’s like to have to take off work due to sickness and know that I wouldn’t be bringing home a very large paycheck at the end of the month. But I made my choice, because my children came first. And my paycheck and standard of living suffered. But family meant more.

I know what it’s like to have childcare be my biggest expense, and groceries my second.

To dream of one day owning a home, but knowing I can barely afford rent, never mind a mortgage.

I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve put in hours upon hours with little to no return.

To feel guilty to be working when my kids are home, or feel guilty when outside work calls me away from them.

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To be trying and failing, and feeling almost too tired to try again.

I’ve been there.

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Start a Blog for Money and Start Living a Life You Love

Weary mama, if that sounds like you, then I’m sorry. You deserve better. No one deserves to be run ragged. You deserve time to enjoy your kids and your free time. You deserve to not have to work every waking hour. There is a better way.

Perhaps not an easier way, but weigh a lifestyle as a blogger against what you’re currently doing. If some part of you believes it could be better, then perhaps blogging is worth pursuing.

Know that everyone has excuses. They can’t afford it, there’s no time.

But friend, what I also know is that my “why” is bigger than my excuses.  And my “why” keeps me going, when I’m tired and discouraged.

Much like how my faith in God keeps me sustained during hard times. I have hope. And my hope of a bright future fuels me.

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Even President Snow says in the Hunger Games, that hope, “It is the only thing more powerful than fear.” And he’s right.

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See, I hope that my efforts will pay off. The long hours, the research, the trial and error. Because I hope, to one day be more, and be able to do more than what I currently am.

A friend who works for himself reminds me frequently that if I’m not working hard on my dream, I’ll be working to fuel someone else’s.

And my “why”, you may ask, my reason for blogging? It is for my children. And OUR future.

I have goals and I have dreams, but without a plan, they’re just a wish list.Blessed not stressed because I'm blogging obsessed. Strive for progress not perfection. Learn how to start a blog for money today and get tips to monetize your blog with ads. Get started with Siteground and blog for money while working from home. A blog is one of the best jobs for stay at home moms. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start a blog today.

And my plan, quite simply, is to work hard

And make those dreams happen.

So when others ask why. Why do I continue pouring in when I’m not yet able to reap? Because one day, I will. And I keep working towards that one day.. and my dreams.

For my why.

What’s your reason?

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