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Blogging Basics

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As a blogger, I often get asked how it is that I can get paid to blog. That’s a good question. A question worth answering.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

Well, if I had a book, a traditionally published book, I could answer that easily.

But blogging isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. And though writing seems simple enough, blogging as a business isn’t.

It’s not easy. But it is doable.

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As I’d written previously, as with anything you do, work, relationship, or otherwise, you reap what you sow. But only if you stick with it.


Galatians 6:9

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

And actually, for anyone considering blogging, you don’t even need a lot of money to get started. You can actually create a blog for free. is a great place for beginners.

But a word to the wise, no matter if you’re paying for a domain or not. I would personally advice backing up all your posts on a desktop/laptop and/or Google Docs.

Backup Your Work!

You can never be too cautious.

And after pouring in the amount of time it takes building a worth reading blog, it would be horrible to lose it due to a misunderstanding or the wrong button being pressed. So back up, back up, and save.

Find a Niche

Also very important when blogging. Pick a niche. One or two (or five) topics you’re passionate about writing on, and get going.

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For example, a lot of people love cooking. Start a cooking blog and post recipes with pictures of your recent dinner. Or perhaps you want to blog about blogging. Do it. Still others stick to DIY crafts. Others write about politics and recent events. Pick a topic or two that interests you.

I’ll say here that if you’re blogging with the intent of only making money, it’s not going to be worth it.

Say what?! Yeah. It’s not.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re writing, your readers are going to pick up on it. And the amount of hours it takes to be successful at blogging, if you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Write about what YOU love. Not what you think will turn a profit. The money will come if you invest the time, but again, if a paycheck is all you’re after, there are so many other ways to make money from home. Don’t do that to yourself.

Blogging Basics

Now. Onto the good stuff.

After you’ve been blogging for a time, and built up a fair number of posts, the next fork in the road is to decide do you make a book or actually pay for a blog? Hear me out.

A blog, in a lot of ways, is simply a book that is unbound. So one way to make money off a blog, even a free one like with, is to simply copy all the posts into one document and send it to a publisher. Clean them up and have them connect, obviously, but it’s one way to get paid. This is why I said pick a niche, among other reasons. A niche makes it easier to wrap all your content together. But a book is just one way to get paid.

Another way to get paid for doing a blog is by affiliates or sponsored posts. But to do this, you must pay for a domain. The blog must be yours.

Web Hosting

My domain, TheBlessedAndBusyFamily stands alone. I can therefore monetize my blog. Put up ads. Put up affiliate links. I can do with it things that on a free blog, like the one on, I cannot. And affiliates like Amazon, Target, and even LWSL (all of which I work with) allow even a new, or smaller blog to make income.

Which is why, if you’re serious about blogging, you’ll eventually have to pay for a site, both hosting and domain. For me, I chose SiteGround for hosting because they had excellent reviews on customer service. They’re also willing to work with you on a payment plan, as I’ve learned first hand, and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

SiteGround, as I mentioned, has superb customer service. I’ve never had any issues with getting in touch with tech support. And great customer service is worth its weight in gold. So if you’re unsure of who to use for a domain and hosting, go with someone with great customer service. SiteGround.

After you pay for a domain and hosting, start putting up ads. Google AdSense is a great place to start. And with the AdInserterPlug In, you don’t even need to be tech savvy. Just plug your affiliate links in the boxes they provide.

Depending on how many visitors you have, MediaVine is excellent too. But MediaVine, unlike Google AdSense, has a minimum number of active sessions required. Last I checked, it was 10,000 a month.

For a beginner blogger, that’s understandably a lot. But again, very doable if you put in the hours. Not impossible.

Plan to Succeed

Lastly, while the above is a great starting point for a beginner blogger, it’s not going to take you to a six figure income. Not by a long shot.

In order to enter the big leagues and make the mega bucks like you what you hear famous bloggers like Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess and Jennifer Maker Marx of making, you need to learn the skills to do so.

Oh yes. Blogging, like any other career, requires you to learn what it takes to achieve. To climb the ranks, so to speak.

There are a lot of great free resources out there, and I would strongly encourage you to look for those free resources first, in places like Pinterest. I even have a board on my Pinterest that gives a lot of great tips for Blogging for profit.

Web Hosting

There will come a time when you’re going to want something more though. You’re going to need something more.

Yes, first read all you can. And listen to all you can. 

A really great read by the way, is How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul (by Ruth Soukup).

But also yes, ultimately, you’re going to reach the point of no return. Just kidding. Sort of. But you’re doing to eventually run out of free resources. You’re going to want the real meat and potatoes of how to conquer this blogging gig. You’re going to have to either find a mentor (most likely by paying) or you’re going to need to enroll in a class.

Taking a Mastermind Class

For me, I’d have to say the turning point for me personally was Elite Blog Academy. And I would strongly recommend it.

Next to that, I’d have to say Ultimate Bundles. I got a really great deal on the Genius Bloggers ToolKit recently and it was worth what I paid ten times over. But they also have bundles for everything from cleaning, organizing, blogging, and photography. Really if you can dream it, Ultimate Bundles has it so check them out for blogging info and more.

Both EBA (Elite Blog Academy) and Ultimate Bundles are super worth while. Worth every penny, in my opinion. And if you’re serious about blogging, you would benefit from the skills these two resources provide.

If you’re checked out any of the above resources, feel free to comment below. What did you think? Were they helpful? Was there another resource I should have mentioned? Join the conversation! And I’ll be sure to post more tips soon!

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a product and make a purchase, I may receive some compensation at NO charge to you.*


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