Best Hot Apple Cider infused with Essential Oils
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The Best Oil Infused Apple Cider

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Winter weather in the South has people running indoors and huddling beneath mountains of blankets. Sipping hot cider, hot cocoa, or tea is a favored tradition this time of year. One of which I enjoy doing when I’ve made my own. Which is why I recently began searching for the best apple cider recipe. Had to be healthy. No added processed sugar. And those instant packets from the store? Just don’t cut it.Drinking Hot Apple CiderHaving lived for over a year in Colorado, where it snowed 8 months of the year we were there, I look back and think to myself, how did I survive those uber cold months without this recipe? I’m a hot drink connoisseur. Loving my hot teas and all natural mixes. I recently wrote up a review on all things Oola Tea, an organic line of tea specifically made to be infused with Young Living’s Vitality essential oils.

Young Living is the only brand I trust when it comes to eating essential oils, by the way. Their Seed to Seal promise is what sold me on their purity, and you can read more on that here in my post dissolving the mystery behind Angelica Essential Oil, the “Oil of Angels”.

*Note, this post does contain affiliate links. Meaning, if you click them, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. It’s how I keep my blog up and running and supporting my family. So thank you in advance.*

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But, coming back to the best hot apple cider recipe that I recently discovered, let me say that with this in hand, hiding out in my nice warm bed and hibernating during the fall and winter months just might become more plausible. Because this hot apple cider recipe isn’t just delicious, it’s also healthy. And who here loves healthy and delicious? I know I do.

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The Great Debate: Cider, Soup, or Hot Cocoa?

As I’ve already mentioned, there’s no better way to knock off the chill in the air than a hot cup of soup, cocoa, or cider. And I recently made a couple of batches of Lavender Hot Chocolate, and some seasonal Cinnamon Hot Chocolate in my search for essential oil infused hot drink recipes.

All were especially yummy, and I’d recommend them, hands down.

hot apple cider infused with essential oils

And while I thought either hot chocolate recipe sounded nice, today, I’m choosing hot apple cider. Ahhh.

Hot, steamy, delicious apple cider. Hot Apple Cider infused with essential oils

And this sweet, oil infused recipe from Young Living is perfectly sweet, hot, and just a tad tart.

For added sweetness, I’d suggest calling on some raw honey, if you have it handy. And if not, you can get an amazing brand of Manuka honey here.

Honey is a top ingredient in several healthy winter recipes for a wide variety of reasons. One being that it can be a homeopathic cough depressant. It’s the top ingredient in several brands you can find on the shelves of your local grocers which I outlined here in my top 10 all natural cold and flu remedies post.

And Manuka honey specifically has medicinal purposes. Note, you do not want to give any honey to a child under the age of 2 due to the risk of botulism. For the rest of the family though, honey is generally safe. Plus, it’s preferable to any processed sweetner.

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Essential Oils in Hot Apple Cider

For this amazing essential oil recipe, it calls for a whole army of fun flavors to combat the cold in this hot apple drink.

Flavors like Cinnamon Bark. Yum! Think edible cinnamon sticks. Easier clean up than the powdered version, but just as tasty. Potency in a bottle.

Young Living Cinnamon Vitality #affiliate

Then there’s Clove Vitality. While clove smells wonderful, the whole cloves that you normally use in recipes have to be strained before drinking. No body wants to crunch down on a clove. But with clove vitality, no need to strain your hot apple cider. Just fix, sip, and enjoy!

Young Living Clove Vitality #affiliate

And then we have Ginger Vitality. Ah, ginger. I always keep some of this on hand to calm irritable tummies. And I remember all too well snacking on ginger during my pregnancies with my long bouts of morning sickness. Morning sickness my foot. It was all day, every day for months sickness. But ginger helped.

Ginger Vitality #affiliate

Nutmeg Vitality is in this, too. With its sweet and distinctly spicy taste, nutmeg is an ingredient you need on hand in every kitchen, much like the cinnamon bark. The recipes that call for these spices are many.

Nutmeg Vitality #affiliate

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And lastly, we have Tangerine Vitality. One of the sweetest citrus tastes in Young Living’s Vitality line. Tangerine. A bright and tangy addition to any kitchen.

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Where Can I Buy Young Living Vitality Essential Oils?

I understand that this recipe calls for many essential oils and that people unaccustomed to cooking with essential oils may not have all of them on hand. Which is why I’ve put a link here where you can buy them. Just click on the image.

Young Living Desert Mist Starter Kit #affiliate

Yes, I’m a Young Living distributor. Have been for a couple of years now. And the reason I became a distributor is because I became not just fascinated with the health benefits of oils, but my family uses them in our daily products. When my friend from elementary school, Amanda, contacted me years back and started talking to me about living a toxin free lifestyle, my interest was peaked. Don’t we all want to live with less chemicals? Especially knowing how all the foods we eat and the products we clean with and bathe with impact our homes, our health, and our children? Yes, yes, yes! Sign me up! And so she did.

We started cooking with essential oils. Using them in our personal care products. And even cleaning with them! Thieves cleaner has literally replaced every chemical I used to have under my sink. Now, I use Thieves, coconut oil, vinegar, water, and baking soda. That’s about it.

Thieves Premium Starter Kit by Young Living #affiliate

Because every essential oil I brought into my home meant one less chemical we were using. Living cleaner, healthier lives. And in becoming a distributor, I started getting paid for sharing my love of oils with others! Sharing and educating. That’s all Young Living is about. Wellness, Abundance, and Purpose. What greater mantra is that?

And by the way. For those who were interested in following along with the original recipe I listed here, or looking to score a host of similar recipes, I pulled the hot apple cider recipe from my most recent copy of Essential Oils magazine, by Young Living. You can purchase them with that link.

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Now onto what you’ve been waiting for. The best hot apple cider recipe. And bear in mind, this makes enough for the whole family.

Recipe for The Best Hot Apple Cider

Ingredients are as follows:


6 cups apple cider

2 cups pineapple juice

5 drops Cinnamon Bark Vitality

5 drops Tangerine Vitality

2 drops Nutmeg Vitality

5 drops Clove Vitality

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2 drops Ginger Vitality


To make this concoction, simply place all ingredients in a sauce pan and heat over medium high until warm all the way through. Yes, it really is that simple. And the surprise ingredient here, other than the essential oils? The pineapple juice. Naturally sweet. Best Hot Apple Cider Infused with Essential Oils

And for an extra kick, add a cinnamon stick to stir with. And again, raw honey makes everything in life sweeter.



Young Living Vitality Essential Oils

If you enjoy cooking with essential oils, or would like to learn more, simply go here!

Or email me at if you have any questions. Or if you’d like to join my Young Living team. We’d love to have you!

Comment below which essential oil you loved the most in this recipe. Was it the sweet tangerine? The potent cinnamon stick vitality? Let us know! And feel free to share this post if you loved it. We’ll be sharing more in the near future, so be on the lookout.

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