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When starting a business venture, what’s your why? A why is what drives you. Your reason for your drive. It’s your motivation when times inevitably get tough. So I ask you, what’s your why? What motivates you?

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Importance of Goals

Starting a business, reaching a weight loss goal, or starting a New Year’s Resolution. All those things are super challenging. These kinds of big dreams and goals require you to have a clear “why”. So I ask you again, what is your why?

Is it money? Is it time economy you’re striving for? Is the flexibility to work your own schedule, make your own hours? Do you desire a job that allows you to travel? A job that allows you to home school?

What’s your why? Because a lot of us are jiving for more time, the most valuable of all our resources. believe you'll succeed

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Time to spend with loved ones, time to invest in causes close to our heart. Many of us are driven by the desire to make a difference, be remembered.

But a job that allows us those luxuries, a job that gives us more time, will initially take a considerable amount of it.

A job worth doing is worth doing right. It will require a lot of work and long nights. Early mornings and lots of lunch breaks. Pouring into our passions, hoping to ignite more than just the dream.

And this dream of working for ourselves? It may be one we pursue alone for a very long time.

I should know, because I’ve been there.

I am there.

Blogging as a Stay at Home Mom

In addition to being a full time stay at home mom, I’m also a full time work from home mom. I wear many hats and do many things, but under that umbrella, I am a blogger.

Blogging and Working From HomeI’ve been blogging now for over a year and a half. Pouring my thoughts, hopes and dreams onto digital paper. Putting myself out there on social media. Creating my own images, sharing and creating quality content. Tweaking my posts with long tail keywords for SEO, seeking out affiliates, and designing and redesigning a brand. My brand.

All in hopes that one day, it’ll be bringing in the income I so desire, to allow me to become independent. Self sustaining. Not just for me, but my family. A full time income from home.

Is it possible? I know so.

I’ve read the stories, listened to the podcasts. I’ve been inspired to continue even when I felt like quitting. But what drives me isn’t just my dreams, though they’re part of it. For me, it’s a very clear why.

What’s your why? Working From Home with Kids

My why is the desire to travel. As a former military spouse, I miss the military’s nomadic lifestyle. I dream of taking my children back to all the bases we once resided on. To take pictures of them in the now and compare them to the scrapbook photos we took so many years ago.

I dream of home schooling. I’m the biggest anti fan of the public school system, for all that I’ve worked for several. I believe our education system is failing, moving my children away from the very morals I wish to instill. So I dream of being able to afford to bring them home and teach them about what matters most: God.

I dream of paying off mountains of debt. Much of it acquired through student loans that funded degrees I’ve never used. Since the cost of childcare is exorbitant, and I’ve worked as many as four jobs at a time making no headway on my debts, working from home is the logical option. Perhaps the only option.

But a dream is just a dream if you don’t break it down into measurable, smaller goals. Which I have. But all these goals, even the smaller ones take time, so I have to be persistent. Goals all take time, consistency, and commitment. And progress is slow, but steady.

Be Realistic And Give Yourself Grace

Remember Why You StartedWhatever your goal, whatever you why, it’s going to be tough. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.
In order to keep working towards your dream, your goals, put your why front and center. Make it visible. Write it down on a list, put it in a planner, or make a vision board. You choose. But the clearer your why, and the more visible it is, the harder you’ll work.

There are going to be times you question if you’re doing the right thing. You’ll ask yourself if you should quit or keep going.  But if it’s worth it, if your why is powerful enough, you’ll hang on and push through.

In those hard times, it helps to have something to hold onto. Visualize. Remember why you started this journey in the first place. Remember why you should you continue.

If you want something bad enough, you will find your reason.

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If you don’t want it bad enough, you will find your excuse to quit going.

So find your “why” now, before you even begin. Because you’re going to need to look back on it and focus as the journey becomes arduous.

Write Down Your Way Make a Plan Make It Happen

Write down your goals, both long and short. Write down your hopes and dreams for your goal, or business.

And write down WHY you’re doing it.

  • Are you going the entrepreneurial route because you just got laid off from your 9-5?
  • Are you doing it because you’re passionate about your little side hustle and wanting to make it full time instead of part time?
  • Do you want to spend more time with family?
  • Do you want to have the freedom to work and travel when you want and on your terms?
  • Do you want to be your own boss because you’re tired of working for someone else?
  • Is it an income ceiling where the sky is the limit?
  • Is it something tangible, like a new car, new home, or dreams of a new boat that drives you?
  • Or is it visions of intangible things, like being debt free and the ability to give generously that lights a fire within you?
  • Are you doing this for family?
  • To spend more time with your husband or wife, or maybe your kids?

Picture you why. Be very clear- the clearer the better.

Pinning Down Your Why

Make a PlanAsk yourself the following questions when pinning down your why.

  • What’s your why?
  • What drives you?
  • What’s going to make this venture WORTH IT when you start putting in long hours, but you aren’t seeing immediate results?
  • What’s going to help you push on and keep going when people start asking why you don’t just get a “real” job?
  • What’s going to drive you?

It needs to be strong. Your why is going to be your glue when no one else thinks you can do it and you’re feeling like quitting.

So today, consider your why.

Write it down. Visualize it. Print off pictures or hand sketch them if you need to. Put them on post it notes on the fridge, on the mirror, in your car. Or put them all in a planner that you can carry around. Take pictures of the list or items and keep it on your phone. Keep it with you to remind you.

You’re doing this, whatever “this” is, for a reason. What Inspires You

What’s your why? Put it in the comments below and be inspired. You’re not alone, whatever your goals.

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