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Attraction Marketing: No More Cold Calls

Do you work in a commission only field? Do you only get paid if you sell products? Are you a network marketer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are good that at some point, you’ve considered quitting. And if you haven’t reached that point yet, you will. Unless… you discover a better way to recruit. A better way to prospect. Which is why you need attraction marketing.

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.*

Attraction Marketing for the Best Companies

What if there was a way to recruit people into your business without doing cold calls? A way to prospect without feeling like a hunter stalking prey? What if you found a way to literally have people craving the opportunity you offered, contacting YOU, without you having to start an awkward conversation with them first?

There is. And it’s called attraction marketing. But it’s something that most network marketers are left in the dark about. Take me for example.

I currently work for 3 network marketing companies all of which deal with health and wellness.

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Company A) Toxin Free Living Products for You, Your Home, Your Family and Your Pets

Company B) Gut Health, Energy, Balance, and Weight Loss

Company C) Weight Loss, Skinny Wraps, and Keto Coffee– aka, Fuel for your Brain and Body

And I love all of these companies for various reasons. Two are faith based. I’m enamored with the supportive, success driven team atmospheres, and I love the products because they all WORK.

But you know what? If these opportunities weren’t paying my bills and weren’t providing me opportunities for advancement as well as a way to get MY products for FREE? I should leave. I should. And I’d advise you to, too. Because network marketing as it’s typically done is draining.

Typical Network Marketing

Network marketing as it’s traditionally done takes HOURS of prospecting. HOURS of recruiting. And it leaves you tied to your phone or your computer literally at all hours. Because in today’s world, EVERYONE wants immediate customer service, immediate support, and immediate answers. And if you can’t provide that, they’re moving on to a representative or distributor that CAN provide that.

And it’s disheartening for those of us who truly want to help others with our products. We truly care about others getting healthy- at least I do. It’s why I got into the business models I did with the companies I did. Remember?

A) Chemical Free Living

B) Gut Health

C) Weight Loss

I’d actually been with two other companies before these, but I left because I wasn’t passionate about them or the effect they had on people’s lives. While some of us love jewelry and nail wraps, it wasn’t for me. They were cute, they were affordable. But they weren’t paying my bills, the company structure was one in which I would always be poor, and my upline? It was lacking.

But not with the 3 companies I’m with currently. These companies are making a difference in people’s lives and in their health, just as they’ve done in mine. And so I share.

And while I engage in the typical network marketing activities, there’s less stress on me because it’s more for presence. Building trust. And doing what I love most- which is building relationships. I’m on social media to foster friendships. And I get paid to do it.

Have You Tried Traditional Network Marketing?

If you’re in a typical network marketing group, they’ll tell you to do a few things that may possibly make you uncomfortable.

Cold calling. I absolutely HATE cold calling and prospecting strangers. How about you?

Start with your friends and family and pressure them to join your company. Yes, pressure. Because at some point, the incessant calls, texts, and messages are going to leave them annoyed and suspicious that you’re engaging in a scam. Seriously. We’ve all been there.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve initially been overjoyed to hear from a long dormant friendship, only to realize several minutes into the conversation that I’m being prepped for “the talk”. They want me to join. And all of a sudden, I feel like if I say no, that conversation is over- and possibly that friendship.

But what if.. there was a better way?

There is. Attraction marketing.

Leading with Attraction Marketing

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The internet is a power house of information. It’s also the land of opportunity. So what if, you could theoretically start generating leads online- without the hassle? Without the pressure?

You can with attraction marketing.

What if it was possible to recruit without alienating anyone? If all your prospects who reached out to you actually wanted to join and they were dying to take the next step, all without you feeling like you were selling something they didn’t need?

What if, you could work from home. Work from anywhere. And generate leads, generate income, all from working your own business outside the confines of the traditional network marketing model?

It is all very possible. With attraction marketing.

And it’s something I teach to my downline within all 3 of my companies.

I mentor each and every person on how to succeed from month one with our company. I break it down for them on how to generate income, how to generate leads. And how to do it without feeling guilty, without feeling like a hunter, without feeling pressured.

I would never want anyone to join one of the companies I work for and have to compromise their morals or time with their family. And you shouldn’t either.

Work with the Best of the Best

I only work for the best of the best. Companies that are currently ranked in the top 100 of direct sales.

I work with the companies I do because I believe in their products, I use the products myself, and because of the opportunity each one presents, I share unabashedly about them because THEY WORK and the opportunities they present are LIFE CHANGING.

The reason I work for 3, rather than just 1 or 2, is because again, I’m a fan of the best of the best. And each of these companies has products tailored to a very specific group.

Company A) Chemical Free Living

Company A is all about healthy living. If you want it, they’ve got it.

They offer foods, nutritional supplements, weight loss products, and more. The more being cookbooks, personal care products, products for your kids, and safe, green, cleaning products.

And they even offer products for your pets, immune support, cardiovascular support, respiratory support, anti aging serums, and make up.

You can use their products in every room of your house- and even in your car. And the best part is, it’s all toxin free. 100%.

They are a faith based company with years of experience in network marketing AND quality products to use in your kitchen, in your bathroom, in your bedroom, and everywhere else.

I’ve been with them longer than I have either of my other two companies and I stick with them year after year because of the quality products and their generous compensation plan. So if you’re looking for a company that can supply you with just about anything you’d need, delivered right to your door, and an opportunity you can work without ever having to leave your house, this is for you.

Company B) Gut Health

Company B deals with gut health. 

Did you know that your gut health impacts every other aspect of your overall health? And more and more research is getting behind that claim. From your physical health, like your weight, to your mental and emotional health, gut health matters.

We are what we eat may sound snarky, but it’s true. And unless you’re filling your body and your gut with the right nutrition and a powerful probiotic, you’re missing out. Which is why I joined company B.

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Their focus is on getting healthy from the inside out. And they’ve created products meant to help you curb your cravings, kick your sugar addiction, and lose weight while doing it.

I joined them a year ago because despite eating healthy and exercising, I was still exhausted. Living on coffee. Dragging through my days. And I was desperate for a change. For real help. And in fact, I didn’t even realize how bad I had it until I started with Company B and suddenly found myself with energy to spare.

My sleep got better, my energy was through the roof, and a happy side effect was being able to slide into my size 4 jeans after being a size 6-8 for over a year post child birth.

So I stuck with them, learned valuable tips from my upline, and I continue to share the products- and the opportunity- because who doesn’t need better health and more energy? I know I do.

Company C) Weight Loss and Keto Coffee

Company C I joined strictly for two reasons. The keto coffee, and the upline. Because both of these are amazing.

While I love my supplements, I also love my coffee. And weight loss coffee? Sign me up. So I did.

They also have a chocolate mousse that is to die for- and it’s keto approved and healthy, to boot. Love it!

But as amazing as the products were, what really got me interested was the up line.

My friend Savanna is someone I see on social media CRUSHING IT constantly with her business. She is rising through the ranks as if life and work are a breeze- which for her, they kind of are.

She is a MASTER at attraction marketing, and even though I was with two other amazing companies, I knew I had to join hers. The marketing was just that good. Attraction marketing. Oh yes.

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She posts amazing pictures of her and her fiancee enjoying their time together. Enjoying the freedom they’re experiencing from the 9-5 all thanks to this company.

She’s always posting about the products, too. Don’t get me wrong. She does a lot of specials, a ton of discounts and extras for her loyal customers. And she’s so charismatic, so inspirational, that you see her posts and you think, “I want to be just like her.” And so you join.

But no worries. I’ve learned from her, and continue to learn from her, and everything I learn, I pass along to my down line. Because as successful as she is, I want that kind of success for everyone on our team. All of us should be rising stars, and rising gems. And so, I share and mentor so we can all mirror that kind of success and freedom.

Work On Your Business Not In Your Business

With attraction marketing, you can work on your business. Not in your business. Stop spending time prospecting and start spending time fostering friendships and helping everyone on your team soar through the ranks.

Never do cold market recruiting again! Unless, you want to. Start making money, stop stressing. Start working on a team that empowers you, shares tips with you, and encourages you.

If you want to inspire others while generating an income for your family, you can. If you want to break free from the 9-5, you can.

No more emails, no more cold calling, Stop struggling. Start living.

It begins with choosing what you’re passionate about. And if you’re interested in learning the ropes with any of these opportunities, I’d be more than happy to share.

Company A) Toxin Free Everything for Living Healthier and Happier

Company B) Gut Health, Weight Loss, and Finding Balance

Company C) Keto Coffee and Losing Weight

And then plug in attraction marketing. All my tips and secrets. And boom!

When you’re ready, contact me. Comment, social media, or email.

Or join my team and take the leap.

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