Monetize Your Blog with these 4 Practical Ways to Blog for Money

4 Practical Ways to Blog for Money and Monetize Your Blog

You’ve decided you want to work from home and start a blog for money. You’ve read my posts covering the blogging basics and how to start a blog with Siteground. Good for you! Welcome to a career with no income ceiling and the only cap on your earning is your own dedication.

If you haven’t already started with Siteground, do so now with this post that walks you through setting up your site with the only web host company I trust for my business. It costs less than most people pay for designer coffee in a year, and the only way to monetize a blog is to own it, make it yours. You can’t do that with a free blog service like blogspot. So get started right with Siteground.

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on these links may give me a small compensation at no additional cost to you, and you can read the full affiliate and disclosure policy here. It’s how I keep my blog up and running and supporting my family, so thank you in advance.*

5 Blogging Basics Then Onto Monetization

If you’re serious about blogging, here are the posts you need to read in this order, and then read this post about monetization. Because if you don’t already have a blog up and running, this post is going to mean squat.

In this order, this is PURE GOLD:

Web Hosting

Set Up Your Blog with SiteGround – my number one trusted web host and domain company ranked first for their excellent customer service

Ultimate Blogging Checklist – These are a list of items to get you through your first 10-15 posts before going public with your blog. After you’ve done all these items for each of these pillar posts, hit publish on them.

Become a Pinterest Pro – This post goes through the high lights of creating winning images on Pinterest – a FREE visual search engine, think Google but run by pictures and videos versus pages of reading. Take advantage of this social media platform, get on it with a business account, and start firing off those posts. Make at least 3-4 Pin worthy images per post. Track which are doing best, then run with the ones that are successful.

Blogging Tips – This is just a recap of 5 of the best ways I can think of to make sure you launch a successful blog/business. Your blog, your brand, your business.

Follow These 10 Top Bloggers – Networking is super powerful, as is engagement. Not only can you do both by connecting with and following these top bloggers, but these ladies know their stuff. Learn from them! Get on their lists! Email is so powerful. Subscribe to these ladies, and my newsletter, and glean what you can from these pros. These bloggers were specifically high lighted for their Pinterest engagement, with it being in the 2 million views or higher realm. But this other post is also one of 10 Bloggers Worth Following in 2019. Check them both out- there is some overlap, but each was chosen for a reason.

After you’ve checked all these off, you’re ready for to monetize your blog. Read on.

Blogging for Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money? Monetization

There are 4 ways bloggers make money- and I actually have a 5th that I’ll list below that is not blog specific. Bear with me.

  1. Ads
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Selling Your Own Products
  4. Affiliates
  5. My 5th- that is NOT blog specific- is network marketing. Yes, network marketing.

Blog for Money Money matters

Network Marketing for Bloggers and Non Bloggers

Let me talk about my #5 right quick. Because I am a huge fan of network marketing, but I’m an even bigger fan of blogging. And you can read about one of my absolute favorite companies here (although I’m actually a part of two).

Reason being I’m a fan of network marketing is that as a blogger, it just made since. Granted, network marketing when done poorly, it is like a house of cards, I’ll be honest. But it can be great if you have the right team under you. In fact I have friends that make money doing absolutely NOTHING because they do have such a great team under them. But that’s not the norm.

Network marketing is something I push though, because I personally have seen so much success with it because I have a blog. Without my blog, I would not be as great of a network marketer.

So why do network marketing? Because a blog is a way to write some super compelling posts and in depth articles about your network marketing side hustle. You can write page after page about recipes, DIY crafts, and high light your favorite products. I do it with my own blog.

Young Living Angelica – I high lighted how this oil can be used

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate – Uses Young Living Cinnamon Bark

DIY Shower Melts – DIY projects, right? See what I’m doing? Simple.

Then, if you’ve read my post on how to make absolutely amazing Pinterest graphics with Canva, you can incorporate those easily.

It’s not as easy to do without a blog. So being a network marketer AND blogger just makes sense to me. And really, these are items I’d be purchasing any way since they deal with all natural health and wellness. So if I’m buying them any way, I might as well get paid to share about them.

Network marketing. Definitely worth considering if you’re a blogger. And if you love health and wellness products, you can join either of my teams here and here.

Every Oil in Your Home is One Less Chemical

Monetization Strategies for Blogging

Web Hosting

Ads are the first way a lot of bloggers monetize their blog. This takes little effort. Google AdSense is who I started with, and then to put them on my site, I used the Ad Inserter plugin. Super easy. I don’t have to do extra work. I just insert codes in the Ad Inserter blocks and technology does the rest.

Sometimes ads are for affiliates, like Amazon (which I mention below). So it’s a two for one deal to join them.

Some companies like MediaVine require a set amount of visitors to your site each month. This usually runs close to 100,000. For a new blogger that may seem out of reach, so start small with companies like Google AdSense, which is PPC (pay per click) and Amazon. And be sure to post ads throughout your post, not just at the bottom.

Start a Blog for Money

Affiliates are one of the Number One Ways to Blog for Money

Affiliates are another way to blog for money. I’m personally an affiliate for several companies, but one I do both ads and affiliate links for is Amazon. You can place ads and be an affiliate for Amazon, and you can also go a step further and be an Amazon influencer, if you have a large social media following. I personally use them Amazon and would recommend them. The reason I love Amazon is that they offer so many products and services and really anything under the sun can be found on their site. So you can put affiliate links in a recipe for ingredients, or in a DIY post when it comes to the tools and supplies you use.

While some bloggers with a high traffic volume have great success sprinkling affiliate links throughout posts, I personally have had far more success in dedicating a post to one particular product or brand of product. If you do single product reviews, you can do a round up of all those products in one post later. Excellent way to repurpose older content and get it in front of more eyes.

And while there are a TON of affiliates out there, I would suggest signing up and utilizing only a key few, rather than every one under the sun. Focus is better than sprinkling, in my opinion.

Blog for Money Start a Blog

Some of my favorite affiliates are:

Amazon: Love the ease of putting a link in a post for anything under the sun. Their variety of products is unbeatable, and the convenience of fast, to your door shipping makes it attractive to everyone.

Target: Probably my favorite brick and mortar establishment, is excellent for registries, like wedding and baby. Their product selection isn’t as wide as Amazon, but I know they carry high quality, which is why I’m an affiliate.

TailWind: Get a FREE $15 credit and trial here! I’m an affiliate with Tailwind because Tailwind WORKS! Scheduling a month’s worth of posts in a single evening? PRICELESS! And they are SUPER affordable when you think of how much I’m saving on paying for ads. LOVE Tailwind.

Siteground: BEST customer service in a web hosting company I’ve seen yet! Check out their reviews! And they offer AMAZING deals and payment plans for those just starting a blog. While you MAY be able to find a cheaper deal with another host company, Siteground’s customer service is through the roof! I’ve had them work with me on a payment plan when I couldn’t make a full year’s payment right that second. Because of their willingness to work with me, they’ve earned a customer for LIFE. Plus, they offer FREE SSL with the purchase of a hosting plan and domain! SSL is SO very important because it means your site is trusted, i.e. secure. When customers are making purchases through your site, this will put their minds at east.

HelloBar: LOVE this side bar icon that allows me to collect emails with ease. A blogger’s email list is their most important tool when it comes to reach, and with HelloBar, I can create multiple pop ups on my site with flawless integration.

ShareASale: LOTS of options. While I love that they work with brands that Amazon does not, I’ve actually signed up with several I’ve yet to fully utilize. As a mommy blogger, I’m about to reinvest some time researching the options ShareASale offers in affiliates, but for the time being, I’ve used Cricut and Warby Parker (high class prescription eyeware).

LWSL Planner: I heart planners (and organization!). If you need to get your life in order, not just your blog, then you need a planner! Which is why I’m an affiliate for LWSL, LivingWellSpendingLess. These are hot items towards the end of the year and the beginning of the year, although honestly, a planner is necessary year round for obvious reasons. Plus, LWSL provides some amazing shareable graphics, which makes promotion for these planners super easy.

Two More Ways to Blog for Money

Sponsored Posts are a way I have yet to make money as a blogger, but if you are successful with them, I hear they’re excellent. It has to do with what I’ve already mentioned in regards to network marketing. You highlight a specific brand or product, and a company pays you for that post.

Make sure when it comes to sponsored posts that you aren’t selling yourself short. Your time is valuable, so charge appropriately.

Blogging for Beginners Start a Blog for Money

Selling Your Own Products is a great way to blog for money because the options are endless. Designing and selling your own products is a lot easier than it sounds, so some bloggers are intimidated by the idea. Don’t be. Selling your products can be as simple as designing a printable with Canva. Or coming up with a book. Ebook or paperback, doesn’t matter- although an ebook may be easier.

If interested in creating a book, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. For bloggers that have been writing for some time, chances are you have enough content to compile into a book. Just refashion a series of old posts, such as recipes, DIY crafts, or content, and voila!

Web Hosting

Courses are another way to sell your own products. Teachable and Udemy are two places bloggers can create affordable courses. I personally use Teachable and have been pleased with the ease of set up.

Network Marketing Affiliates to Monetize Your Blog and Further Blog for Money

Plexus Health and Happiness Company

I utilize two health and wellness affiliates in terms of monetizing my blog. Plexus and Young Living.

There are other excellent network marketing opportunities out there, and I’ve been a part of a total of FIVE in just as many years. But the reason I’ve stuck with the two below are because I use these products almost DAILY and have come to love them. Sharing them on social media and my blog is second nature because I am so in love with the quality of these products and how they’ve blessed my family. Not just in using them ourselves, but in being a part of the business opportunity they present.

Young Living Essential Oils

I’ve been using Young Living for about two years and they are amazing. The essential oil singles are excellent for calming, promoting wellness, and for an overall happy feeling. A premium starter kit is how most members start, and it’s the only thing on the Young Living site that is regularly a STEAL for the value you receive in each of those boxes.

Young Living Desert Mist Starter Kit #affiliate

A diffuser to get those amazing oils into the air, a couple of samples of their fabulous antioxidant rich drink NingXia Red, not to mention 11 of their most popular oils. The oil choices offered varies, but Young Living currently offers Stress Away, PanAway, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Thieves Vitality, Raven, and more in their premium starter kits.

In addition to the oils themselves, Young Living offers oil infused supplements for energy (NingXia Nitro), weight loss (Slique), baby products (Seedlings), products for kids (KidScents), make up (Savvy Minerals), and even products for your pets! And despite me listing several lines of their amazing products, it only scratches the surface of the variety of items Young Living offers.

Thieves Premium Starter Kit by Young Living #affiliate

And all of their products have a Seed to Seal promise of purity! Meaning no yuck, no chemicals, no pesticides, and it’s all natural! They’re definitely worth investing in if you’re looking to kick chemicals to the curb when it comes to your family’s personal care products and health.


Web Hosting

Plexus is to promote better gut health, probiotics, energy, and weight loss. Regulate your blood sugar and get your life back? Yes, please! This, is Plexus.

Plexus Changes Lives #affiliate

While Plexus makes no promises about cures or treatments for varying health concerns, I personally use them and have noticed a difference in my own life and health while on these products. The infamous pink drink, Plexus Slim was a life changer for me. I didn’t realize how tired and CRABBY I was until I started coming out the fog on Plexus.

Plexus Slim #affiliate

Their all natural products promote a sense of wellness through providing healthy bacteria to your gut. And more and more research is coming out suggesting that probiotics, aka good bacteria, has a HUGE impact on your overall health. From your blood sugar regulation, maintaining a healthy weight, mental health and mood, to even the appearance of healthy skin, Plexus is where it’s at.

Pure Gold on How to Blog for Money

This is one of my longer posts, but I hope you’ve found it to be filled with absolute GOLD when it comes to how to start a blog for money.

Blog for Money Start a Blog Today

Comment below with your favorite tip and let me know which monetization strategies you plan to implement on your own blog. And if you want to join either of my Network Marketing teams, let me know that too. And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I send out weekly and biweekly tips on how to make money from home. Happy Blogging!



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