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    Searching for Home

    When you’re searching for a home, what’s most important? Location, location, location. And price. It’s always a good idea to balance what you desire with what you can safely afford. For us, price means a great deal, as we’re conscious of our budget, following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. But we also look to be closer to our church. Lucky for us, we’re not tied to one particular zip, since our church has several partner churches, and not just in and around Atlanta. Not to mention, I work from home. And with North Point ministries being versatile enough that we can even watch online from the comforts of our living…

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    Clutter is Killing You!

    **This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may get a small compensation at no cost to you if you click them. I only ever post links to items or services I believe will be beneficial to my readers.** I get it. I do. We have too much stuff. Clutter is killing you. Literally. But becoming clutter free isn’t just the idea behind a book by bestselling author Ruth Soukup. It should be a goal for all us. To clear our lives of clutter. We should all aspire to get organized. And minimize our stuff. Our junk. Because if we don’t get a handle on our stuff, our mess,…

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    Your Reason For Everything: Your Why

    I’ve tried my hand at several work from home opportunities. Some have panned out. Some I’ve thrown out. But I’ll never stop trying. Which is good. I’m always learning. In my three plus years of attempting to earn an income from said house, I’ve been a part of four MLMs (think direct sales). I’ve done Origami Owl. O2. Jewelry. And we’re still going strong. I’ve done Jamberry Nails. Which I loved, but I made ZERO sales from. ZERO. But not because of the product, the product is great. Just a lack of marketing on my part, more than likely. I’ve done BeachBody coaching, which is fitness video streaming. DVDs. Working…

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    To Book or To Blog: Doing Work From Home

    As a work from home mom, I’ve been plugging away for the better half of a year now trying to earn an income from the comfort of home. The comfort of my loved like crazy, occasionally chaotic, home. And it’s been a journey. With so many work from options out there, made possible with the ever expanding reach of technology, in the past couple of months it’s really been about hunkering down and finding my niche. Some of the ways I’ve tried (with varying degrees of success): Etsy TeeSpring Facebook Online Yard Sales and Resales Affiliate Marketing Freelance Writing TaskRabbit  Rev.com Blogging (obviously) Book Reviews Ibotta/Extreme Couponing/Krazy Coupon Lady anyone?…

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    Dash Buttons: Convenience Or Laziness

    We, in the U.S., live in a very blessed, first world country in the 21st century. Which means… Technology is rampant. Part of our daily lives. When I talk to my kids about a time before cell phones, they have no idea what I’m talking about. When I talk to them about a time before the internet existed, or a time before tv, it’s again, hard for them to comprehend. Because for them, these things have always existed. They’ve grown up around them. It’s kind of like when my parents would talk about a time before there was indoor plumbing. I’ve grown up with it (thankfully!, right?!) so I have…

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    She’s Coming for YOU, 2018!

    Hey Guys! As I mentioned in an earlier post, part of my vision for The Blessed And Busy Family has always been to give kudos where they’re due. And when it comes to my friend Kim McCloskey, of Kim McCloskey Fitness, and Team Fit with Faith, kudos are due by the truck load! This girl is an inspiration in so many ways! Not only is she a mom of two beautiful kiddos, and married to her fellow church volunteer, she’s also been busting her tail for two years now to grow a business from home! See, in addition to being a certified hot yoga instructor, and fitness enthusiast, Kim also…