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    The Written Word is Timeless

    We all have our favorite traditions when it comes to the holidays.  Not many people want their “tradition” to be rushing to buy the newest thing or stressing over the perfectly cooked turkey or yelling at the child who places a greasy hand print on your Pinterest perfect table setting.  We all yearn for a slow, picturesque Christmas filled with quality time with the ones we love.  And in a day and age, when time is money and money is time, where getting the next best thing is what we seem to be striving for, slowing down to find traditions can be counter intuitive if not counter cultural.  Christmas doesn’t…

  • Money Wise: Budgeting and Saving,  Work From Home

    Making Money From Home Selling Pictures

    There are a wide variety of ways to make money from home/work from home. That’s due in very large part to computers, so thanks technology! And even if you don’t have a computer, of have no service in your area, with smart phones, especially, the options for working from home are every growing. While blogging is obviously one area of income for my family here at The Blessed And Busy Family, I do dabble in several, and I do mean SEVERAL, other areas. One such area I’ve had luck with only recently, though I’ve been doing it for some time, is photography. Specifically, taking pictures with my phone, such as…

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    Family: Giving Credit Where It’s Due

    When I first began to envision doing the blog, The Blessed And Busy Family, gratitude came to mind. Giving back. An attitude of gratitude? ALWAYS worthwhile. You see, God has blessed me 100x over with the people, the friends, and the family He has sent us. Our church, Woodstock City, is family. A lot of my friends, are family. My prayer group? Family. And my kids- OBVIOUSLY family. So when I talk about “my family”, or “my church”, sometimes I mean those terms to be synonymous. Family is about more than just blood. It’s about the people in your life who build you up, when others tear you down. It’s…

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    Give Save Live

    When it comes to money, what’s your philosophy? Where do you spend the most? Do you have at least 6 months of living expenses tucked away in savings? And, be honest with yourself for just a moment… do you even have a savings? Regardless of where you’re at with your money, your spending, and your income, I would invite you to consider joining the movement “Give, Save, Live.” Importance of Budgeting When it comes to budgeting, I could do with more accountability. A better system could stand to be in place, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, I’ve heard of the envelope system,…

  • Working From Home with Kids

    Working From Home with Baby

    The cost of living is steadily increasing, making it harder and harder for most families to survive on a single income. And while many parents will agree that their children’s well being is their top priority, healthy children and a happy home cost money no matter how frugal you are. More money means longer hours away from those we love most, but we’ve been told there is no other way. I mean, is there? Because for many families, two incomes means mom works one shift, and dad works another. No one sees much of the other because we’re either both working long, thankless hours at jobs simultaneously while the kids are…

  • Plexus. The Opportunity You've Been Waiting For. Get Healthy. And Get Paid.
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    Choosing Healthy

    I read it at least once a week, as I’m skimming through Facebook. The debate on keto versus carb. Healthy fat versus fat is bad. As my kids or I reach for some fruit like bananas, in our attempts to eat healthy, I’m reminded that what’s healthy today was once touted as bad. Fat is bad. Fat is unhealthy. Carbs are good. Eat mostly carbs. Don’t believe me? I need only reference a picture of the food guide pyramid we had in class back in the 90s to prove my point. Carb heavy bottom, with fats and sugars in the same tiny triangle on top. “Fruit is bad for you.…

  • Raising Kids Working From Home

    Believe You Will Succeed

    When starting a business venture, what’s your why? A why is what drives you. Your reason for your drive. It’s your motivation when times inevitably get tough. So I ask you, what’s your why? What motivates you? Importance of Goals Starting a business, reaching a weight loss goal, or starting a New Year’s Resolution. All those things are super challenging. These kinds of big dreams and goals require you to have a clear “why”. So I ask you again, what is your why? Is it money? Is it time economy you’re striving for? Is the flexibility to work your own schedule, make your own hours? Do you desire a job…

  • The Blessed And Busy Family Attitude of Gratitude
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    Importance of Gratitude

    November in the United States has one of the more celebrated holidays of any other time of the year and made all the more important because it’s the perfect time to highlight the importance of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude can be the difference between happiness and bitterness. Between contentedness and coveting this time of year. Giving Thanks Right after Halloween, and right before Christmas, lands THANKSgiving. The perfect time… to give thanks. A couple of years back, my family started a tradition for my older children. Towards Thanksgiving,  we write down what we’re most thankful for on pieces of construction paper and then clip each “leaf” in a clip…