10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media Marketing and Pinterest

10 Incredible Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Why You Absolutely Must Have a Marketing Strategy

You started a blog with Siteground (and if you’ve been on the fence about it, here’s a linkto do so). You started with the intention of blogging for money and hopes of a bright future working from home. But your blog for money idea is failing because despite creating killer content- which is the number one way to make money with a blog and keep readers coming back- you’re missing one key element. A marketing strategy. A way to get readers. Visitors.

Because without a marketing strategy, you’ve noticed that no one is coming to read this awesome content. And your dream of working from home is quickly fading into a would be fantasy. Which is exactly why you need…. a marketing strategy. Below I’ll dive into 10 incredibly practical ways you can start driving insane amounts of traffic to your blog starting today. It’s a marketing strategy step by step guide, by the way. So keep reading.

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Marketing Strategy: What Is A Marketing Strategy and Why You Need One

When you first started blogging, you probably thought it was a get rich quick scheme or, as was the case for me, I foolishly thought that I would simply write and readers would come. No extra effort necessary. But if you thought that subscribers and visitors to your blog would just get there by chance, like me, you’re wrong. You’ve got to get readers somewhere. Which is why you need a marketing strategy.

How are you going to market your blog? How are any of your friends and family even going to know you have a blog if you don’t tell them? And therein lies the solution. You have to tell people about your blog. And not just off handedly, one time. The fact you’re running your own business bears repeating. So get the word out. And in order to that?

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You need a marketing strategy.

How are you going to promote your blog? How are you going to drive traffic? If you haven’t given it a lot of thought, my first piece of advice?Honestly, I would recommend getting it in front of as many eyes as possible. You have to be actively trying to draw people in to read that awesome content you’ve been working on. Here are some of the ways I personally drive traffic to my blog.

Social Media: Your number one Marketing Strategy to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social media. It’s an amazing tool, and much of it is free. And while I’m on several social media sites, my favorite one by far is Pinterest. But for the sake of conversation, I’d advise every blogger to join at least 3 social media sites and post to them regularly to gain traction. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, BlogLovin’. I’m on all of those, and you should be too. Because your audience, your readers, are out there on those platforms looking for what you have to offer.

But back to my favorite visual search engine. The place I go for inspiration, community, and gorgeous pictures. Pinterest.

Pinterest is excellent for so many reasons (have I mentioned it’s FREE?!).

I’ve written multiple posts explaining why Pinterest is where every blogger should be getting at least some of their traffic. From the Ultimate Pinterest for Bloggers Guide to the first in a series on How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest. So here comes the second in the series on how to increase blog traffic with this absolutely free resource. Pinterest.

Keyword Rich Boards and Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Traffic

If you at some point thought to yourself, I’ll hit publish on a post and that’s that, I’m sure you were disappointed when the sessions, views, and visitors didn’t come rolling in. In fact, after you create killer content, you’ve barely scratched the surface on what it means to be a blogger. Because a blog without visitors is simply an online journal. Remember Xanga?

A blog can be personal, for sure. It can be started for accountability reasons. Or for a sense of community, to build comraderie and know you’re not alone in your struggles. But for the sake of starting a blog for money, you need traffic. Get those posts in front of as many people as possible. And Pinterest can help you do just that.

Unlike Facebook, where your post will be lost among the millions within just a couple of days of hitting publish, on Pinterest, your pin is virtually forever. Meaning, depending on the season, holiday, and various things going on in the world, a post and pin from months or even years ago may all of a sudden go viral.

But before you get too excited, consider that in order for that to happen, your post has to be able to be found. And how does one find your pin and your post? Keywords. Preferably long tail keywords.

For example, blogging as a hashtag and keyword pulls up millions of posts and articles. The term blogging for beginners is more specific. The term tips on blogging for beginners is even more specific.

The longer the keyword, the more specific the search, meaning you’ll get exactly the kinds of visitors to your site that you’re wanting. And for your boards on Pinterest, you need to use a mix of both long and short tail keywords. The more keywords, the better the chances your board will come up in someone’s search.

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Group Boards on Pinterest to Drive Traffic

I’ve mentioned group boards and tribes for Tailwind in a previous post. But let me reiterate that the more tribes and groups you’re in, the better. While it used to be common that bloggers would use PinGroupie or similiar service to find group boards, now you can simply go to search in Pinterest and type in boards (or people, or pins, for example.

In order to really grow your blog, I’d encourage you to apply to at least 100 (yes, 100) right after you start blogging. The reason being is that a lot of group boards are closed. Or you won’t get a response. Or perhaps you discover that the owner of the board is no longer accepting contributors because they’ve stopped blogging, or switched tactics, or they’re tired of mediating drama between board members. You get the idea. So request to join 100 group boards right off the bat. And then for several weeks after, the initial 100, aim to still reach out to perhaps 5-10 a week until your traffic increases to where you’re comfortable.

If the whole idea seems overwhelming, or the boards you do join don’t seem to be driving the traffic you’re looking for, look up some of your favorite top bloggers on Pinterest and see which boards they’re a part of and send requests that way. Either email the owner of the board, or message them directly on Pinterest.

For 10 Top Bloggers Turned Pinterest Professionals, check out my post here. I actually wrote a couple of posts on top bloggers, so here’s the other one: 10 Incredible Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019 if you want to be a successful Blogger.

Create Your Own Group Boards on Pinterest

Discouraged that no one is replying to your group board request? Try a different tactic. Start your own and invite other top bloggers to join! I myself have a few. Below are the group boards I own.

Pinterest for Professionals

Web Hosting

Blogger Tips

Best of Blogging and Pinterest

Work From Home Jobs for Moms

If you’d like to join, message me, and I’ll let you know if your content is what I’m looking for. But again, I’d encourage every blogger, new or seasoned, to create their own group boards and invite other top bloggers to join.

Facebook Groups to Promote Your Blog

Another tactic to promote your content is through Facebook groups. Not only do these groups have certain days where they allow members to post their most recent content, it’s also a place to grow as a blogger. Networking at its finest.

These Facebook groups are a great place to learn from other bloggers. Ask a question, get feedback on your posts and themes. But more importantly, these groups are a place to BLESS OTHERS not just with your content, but with tips and encouragement.

As a Christian Lifestyle Blogger, my blog is my brand and the same goes for you. No matter your niche, consider how you can bless others rather than going into the group with the mentality that you’re only there for you.

Promoting others content and joining other email lists is a great way too to stay up to date on blogging trends. Learn from one another. And plan to give more than you take.

While there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, and I highly encourage it, do pop into the groups to answer questions, too.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagam, Pinterest, and YouTube to Drive Blog Traffic

I’ve mentioned before that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great for driving traffic to your blog. You need to be where your audience is so join all of these platforms, and any others you’re comfortable with.

I didn’t mention it earlier, but yes, YouTube is the way of the future. If you haven’t already started a YouTube Creators channel, do so now. Even if you’re uncomfortable with being on camera. Trust me when I tell you that the earlier you start, the better. And the more you do even small clips, the easier it will get.

YouTube Tips for Bloggers

I’m currently drafting a seasonal blog post that deals with Easter Eggs, specifically surprise eggs. Look for it in the next week.

And while it is seasonal content, I also did a video yesterday for YouTube on my soon to be published post.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary because I was already planning on writing an Easter post. So I went to Target (of which I’m affiliate, btw) and purchased a small bag of Spritz eggs.

When we got home, I simply taped my super excited 4 year old opening them and showing me his finds. He had fun, I had fun, and I got a good 12 minutes of video ON MY PHONE of him doing exactly what I plan to post about. Opening surprise eggs.

If your blog is about food, then set up a tripod and get some glass bowls and film yourself making brownies, or something simple. Got a blog on Keto? Do bullet proof coffee.

DIY blog? Make a paper craft and film yourself doing it. Essential oils and natural remedies? Mix up some oils and make a roller bottle.

Just do what you would normally do and write about it then post the video. Super simple. And super effective at driving traffic.

When doing lighting for YouTube, by the way, I’d encourage you to use natural light and a white background. And again, it can be from your phone. No need to buy expensive equipment.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic. Drive Sales with Pinterest. How to use Pinterest to increase blog traffic. Pinterest tips for bloggers. Blog for money. Increase Blog Traffic. Manual pinning versus automated pinning with Tailwind. Drive traffic, increase sales, with Pinterest Marketing strategies. These pinning strategies will increase your page views.

Using Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Increase Sales

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I hesitate to put this in a blogging for beginners post. Because I understand that a lot of blogging beginners do not have the finances to invest in ads. So let me say that ads can be super effective when used efficiently and should not be considered an expense, but an investment.

I have experience doing both Facebook ads and Promoted Pins on Pinterest. And between these two kinds of ads, I would go with Promoted Pins over Facebook.

Both can be affordable. You can put a cap at $5 a day and experiment until you figure out what kind of ad is actually pulling in subscribers or converting to sales, whichever your goal. But before you decide to just shell out money, make sure that you have a strong post, and a strong offer.

Also, be certain of your avatar. Who is your audience? Who are you speaking to? The more specific, the better.

Engage with Other Bloggers to Drive Blog Traffic

Now I want to touch on networking.

I’d mentioned earlier about joining Facebook groups. These communities offer valuable give and take relationships where you can bless others with what you know and be blessed by learning from others. But networking with other bloggers doesn’t have to always happen in group board settings and it doesn’t always have to be as direct as messaging a board owner on Pinterest.

Leaving comments on other bloggers posts, especially those in similar niches can be very beneficial to driving traffic to your own blog. By the same token, expect a lot of comments on your own blog as traffic grows. And be sure to reply to the comments! Engaging with your readers, whether they currently blog or not, is an excellent way to grow your circle.

Increase Your Blog with these Social Media Marketing TIps. Join Tailwind Tribes. Pin manually. Request to join Pinterest group boards and Facebook groups for bloggers. Use ads. Facebook ads, promoted pins, all can drive traffic to your website. Drive Sales with Pinterest. How to use Pinterest to increase blog traffic. Pinterest tips for bloggers. Blog for money. Increase Blog Traffic. Manual pinning versus automated pinning with Tailwind. Drive traffic, increase sales, with Pinterest Marketing strategies. These pinning strategies will increase your page views.

Write Guest Posts For Other Bloggers to Drive Traffic

Lastly, I’d suggest getting your blog out there, and your brand, by offering to write solid, quality guest posts for other bloggers.

While it helps to write posts in a niche similar to your own, it’s not required. Some bloggers branch out and write not in their blog niche, but in another area they hold expertise. For example, you may have a degree in finance, but run a pregnancy and mom blog. You could offer to write a guest post in either area. Money or Mommy.

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For guest posts, I would encourage you to not overextend yourself. You don’t want to allow your own blog to suffer while you work to write quality work for others’ blogs. (I myself have done this, by the way).

Write a quality post, 1,000 words or more depending on the topic, and while a back link to your blog is fine, make sure there aren’t more than one or two. A guest post can be great for driving traffic to your blog, but only if you do quality work.

Summary on Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Pinterest (manual pinning)

Pinning with Tailwind (automated or scheduled pinning)

Pinterest Group Boards (request to join)

Pinterest Group Boards (you create them, you invite)

Facebook Group Boards (network with other entrepreneurs)

Social Media (join several platforms and post consistently)

YouTube (videos to enhance content)

Ads (Promoted Pins and Facebook)

Engage with Other Bloggers (Leave comments on others’ blogs)

Guest Post (write quality content for OTHER bloggers)

Which of the tips for driving traffic to your blog did you find most helpful? Which methods have you tried and had success with? Comment below and let me know if this post helped! I’d love to have you share your own tips for increasing blog traffic, too!

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